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Celebrating more than 40 years of clear thinking

VPS proudly celebrates more than four decades of continual innovation and advancement in fuel testing and sustainability.

Through relentlessly improving the way we test, inspect and advise, we are driving higher efficiencies throughout the Marine, Power and Renewable sectors – and doing this across the globe.

At VPS, we are dedicated to making change happen. And we will continue to innovate, improve and inspire to help create a cleaner, clearer world for everyone.

Decades of making a difference

Since 1981, the demand for cleaner fuel has grown exponentially.

VPS has been at the forefront of testing and advisory services across a growing number of sectors, markets and countries. In fact, our exemplary history in marine fuel testing alone has led to phenomenal reductions in sulphur emissions. 

Since 2004, VPS testing has proven that the levels of sulphur oxide emitted from burning marine fuels has reduced by an incredible 67%.

Our vision for a cleaner world

However unpredictable the world becomes, it’s clear that the need for sustainable energy, fuel and operating practices will continue to grow.

VPS will adapt to meet the increasing demand by moving into new sectors, implementing advanced processes, and overcoming every challenge through innovation and collaboration.

Since 1981, we have continually developed and improved our services to help create a cleaner world.