Digital & Decarbonisation

The maritime industry is going through a transition. To meet 2030+ emission targets and to stay competitive, the industry needs collaborative tools that use data in smart ways to give the right information.


VPS develops a suite of emission-reducing softwares and executes advisory projects for reducing fuel consumption and emission footprints. We call it data-driven decarbonisation. Dive into each of the services to get an understanding of how they may be of use to you and your company on your journey towards more efficient and sustainable operations. Our services provide real business value through functionality & insight and each service can be used stand-alone, or in combination. 



PortStats is a tool that provides actionable insights based on proprietary live data on fuel off-specs, calorific value and density differences in all major bunkering ports. It allows users to better anticipate risks and select the fuel with the best value and environmental footprint. It is your ultimate destination for real-time fuel quality statistics presented in an interactive and user-friendly dashboard. 



VPS Emsys is an innovative solution precisely measuring the emissions going through the smokestack. It empowers vessel owners and charterers an end-to-end management of methane slip and greenhouse gas emissions. Take control over methane slip levels (g/kWh) and connect to VPS Maress to see emissions levels in various operational modes, load profiles and more for informed decision-making. VPS Emsys is the only class-approved solution capable of accurately measuring the full range of methane emissions often seen emitted. 



Maress is a digital system for data-driven decarbonisation. With an up to date and realtime overview of the performance of each vessel -and the total fleet- Maress is a unique tool for fleet energy management and for building awareness around the company´s decarbonisation efforts.



Core is a forward-looking tool that makes it easy for vessel owners to plan for emission-reducing initiatives on their fleet, and do scenario planning to create a clear path towards company and industry emissions targets. 


Advisory Services

The VPS Decarbonisation Advisory team helps VPS customers to identify pathways towards more sustainable operations. We do this by providing insights, digital tools and advice along the entire marine fuels and emissions value chain. Our seasoned team of advisors perform projects on both operational and strategic level by combining a deep understanding of the maritime industry with insight gained from unparalleled data sets on fuels and vessel performance.