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Announcing the winner of the VPS Innovation in Sustainability Award

This global campaign by VPS recognised and rewarded - with a $10,00 scholarship - the brightest young innovators in the field of sustainability.

Working closely with our creative partners, Purmön, we invited over 160 different engineering, technology and scientific university departments to submit their proposals (each having to meet the four United Nations Sustainable Development Goals we are aligned to).

Six specially chosen judges, including an external expert, Lesley Bankes-Hughes, Publishing Director of Petrospot, reviewed the entries and chose one winner – a brilliant concept submitted by the Engineering Department of the Abu Dhabi University.

‘Our aim was to find the most impactful idea that could genuinely contribute towards marine sustainability and improve the wellbeing of our environment on a global level.’
Malcolm Cooper, CEO, VPS

For more information, please contact Steve Bee at steve.bee@vpsveritas.com